Clear Tree View


Add A Node

	tvSelectProbe->Nodes->Add("Some Text");

Add Sub Nodes

The Tree View is made up of TreeNodes which themselves can be made up of TreeNodes…


	//Create first sub node
	TreeNode ^TreeNode2 = gcnew TreeNode("Tree Node 2");
	TreeNode2->Nodes->Add("Sub 2");

	//Create second sub node
	TreeNode ^TreeNode3 = gcnew TreeNode("Tree Node 3");
	TreeNode3->Nodes->Add("Sub 3A");
	TreeNode3->Nodes->Add("Sub 3B");

	//Combine them into a master node
	array<TreeNode^> ^TreeNodeArray1 = { TreeNode2, TreeNode3 };
	TreeNode ^TreeNode4 = gcnew TreeNode("Tree Node Array 1", TreeNodeArray1);

	//Add this to the tree view


DeSelect Selected Node

	tvSelectProbe->SelectedNode = nullptr;


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