using namespace System::Diagnostics;


Create Process

	if (File::Exists("C:\\Program Files\\Some Folder\\SomeApp.exe"))
		Process1 = gcnew Process();
		Process1->StartInfo->FileName = "C:\\Program Files\\Some Folder\\SomeApp.exe";
		Process1->StartInfo->Arguments = "";


Is Process Active

	if ((Process1 != nullptr) && (!Process1->HasExited))


Close The Process

	if ((Process1 != nullptr) && (!Process1->HasExited))
		Process1->Kill();			//Use this instead of Close or CloseMainWindow as they leave the process active in windows task manager and stop us from beign able to open Control Manager again
		Process1->WaitForExit();	//Can use this if we want to
	Process1 = nullptr;

Has user selected other process

	System::IntPtr WinHandle = GetForegroundWindow();
	if (WinHandle == Process1->MainWindowHandle)

Is A Process Already Running

	array<Process^> ^CurrentProcesses = System::Diagnostics::Process::GetProcessesByName("some_process_name");
	if (CurrentProcesses->Length > 0)
		MessageBox::Show(L"Process is running:" , L"Running", MessageBoxButtons::OK, MessageBoxIcon::Information);



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