Alterntaives to Data Grid View

The List View control provides several of the data grid view features including multiple columns per item.

If you want to use images in columns other than column 1 or buttons then a datagrid view is usually a better choice.

Column Types

DataGridView columns can setup as:


Each cell in a column has to have the same type, but they can be customised with different button text, etc.

Clear Data Grid

dgvEdidBlock->DataSource = nullptr;

Clear All Columns


1 Click To Edit Checkboxes, Combo Box values, etc

Change the EditMode property of your DataGridView control to "EditOnEnter".

Read Data Grid Value

TxBuffer += String::Format("{0:X2}", MyDataGridView1->Rows[Count]->Cells[2]->Value->ToString());

Looping through rows and cells

	for each(DataGridViewRow ^NextRow in dataGridView1->Rows)
		for each(DataGridViewCell ^NextCell in NextRow->Cells)

Disable click column header to sort by column

	for each (DataGridViewColumn ^DataGridViewColumn1 in dataGridView1->Columns)
		DataGridViewColumn1->SortMode = DataGridViewColumnSortMode::NotSortable;



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