String Special Characters

sTemp += "\r\n"		//Add a newline
String ^sTemp =  = "\x7";	// ‘\x’ means ‘0x’ and the 1 of 2 digits that follow are a hex value for the character requried

	newline( LF)		\n		horizontal tab (TAB)	\t
	vertical tab		\v		backspace		\b
	carriage return (CR)	\r		formfeed		\f
	alert (bell)		\a		backslash		\\
	question mark		\?		single quote		\'
	double quote		\"		null (NULL)		\0

You can do this:
MyString = "\x1b" "N" "\x1"; //N<1>


	int Count = myString->Length;

Removing spaces (or other characters) from beginning and end of a string

	MyString = MyString->Trim();

Read Characters Within A String

	String ^MyString;

	Char a = Convert::ToChar(MyString[3]);

	if (Convert::ToChar(MyString[1]) != '.')

Find First Instance Of

	Index = TempString->IndexOf("\\");

Find Last Instance Of

	Index = TempString->LastIndexOf("\\");

Get string from character position # (Remove text from beginning or end of string)

Getting beginning of a string

	if (TempString->LastIndexOf("\\") >= 0)
		TempString = TempString->Substring(0, (TempString->LastIndexOf("\\")));
Getting end of string

	if (TempString->LastIndexOf("\\") >= 0)
		TempString = TempString->Substring(TempString->LastIndexOf("\\") + 1);

Get Characters Between Markers Within String

	String ^StartAfterChars;
	String ^EndBeforeChars;
	int Start;
	int Length;

	StartAfterChars = "?a=";
	EndBeforeChars = "&b=";
	Start = sTemp->IndexOf(StartAfterChars) + StartAfterChars->Length;
	Length = sTemp->IndexOf(EndBeforeChars) - Start;
	if ((Start > 0) && (Length > 0))
		UserId = sTemp->Substring(Start, Length);
		UserId = "";

Insert Into String

	myString->Insert(0, "1234");	//Insert at character 0

Replace Characters In String

	myString->Replace(".", "!");	//Replace all . with !
	sTemp = sTemp->Replace('A', 'B');	//Replace a with B
	sTemp = sTemp->Replace("RemoveMe", "ReplaceWitMe");

Append To End Of String

	myString->Append(gcnew array{'+', '+'});

Does string contain #

	if (MyString->Contains("ABCDEFG"))

Validating Text String Entry

	MyString = MyString->Trim();		//Remove leading or trailing spaces
	if (myString->Length > 30)
		myString = myString->Substring(0, 29);

	//Use these to force case:-
	//MyString = MyString->ToLower
	//MyString = MyString->ToUpper

Validating Numeric String Entry

Check for integer value entered

	String ^ValueEntered;
	ValueEntered = txtMyTextBox->Text;
	ValueEntered= ValueEntered->Trim();				//Remove leading and trailing spaces
	if (
	(ValueEntered->Length < 1) ||
	(!System::Text::RegularExpressions::Regex::IsMatch(ValueEntered, "^[0-9]*$"))
		//Value is not numeric
Check for general numberic value entered

Use one of the solutions below as the best regex expression I have found is:


This is greate if you ensure the string as at least 3 digits long by adding leading zero's, but it will let through multiple '.' being entered.

An alternative solution uses a try, catch approach which isn't nearly as nice

Int32 myInt = 0;
	myInt = System::Convert::ToInt32 (myTextBox->Text);
catch (System::FormatException * pEx)
	myInt = 0; // or another default value
catch (System::OverflowException * pEx)
	myInt = 0; // or another default value
You could use the VB IsNumeric function by doing this, but not a 'nice' approach as you have to reference another dll

	if ( Microsoft::VisualBasic::Information::IsNumeric ( myTextBox->Text ) )
	   myInt = System::Convert::ToInt32 ( myTextBox->Text );
	   MessageBox::Show ( "Value not numeric" );

There are lots of other tests in the String class

IndexOf Overloaded. Reports the index of the first occurrence of a String, or one or more characters, within this string.
IndexOfAny Overloaded. Reports the index of the first occurrence in this instance of any character in a specified array of Unicode characters.
LastIndexOf Overloaded. Reports the index position of the last occurrence of a specified Unicode character or String within this instance.
LastIndexOfAny Overloaded. Reports the index position of the last occurrence in this instance of one or more characters specified in a Unicode array.


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