String Conversion To Unicode Byte Array

using namespace System::Text;

	array<Byte> ^MyArray = Encoding::Unicode->GetBytes(MyString);

using namespace System::Text;

	Encoding ^Unicode1 = Encoding::Unicode;
	array<Byte> ^UnicodeBytes = Unicode1->GetBytes("1234");		//Produces: 0x31,0x00,0x32,0x00,0x33,0x00,0x34,0x00

Convert Unicode Bytes To String

using namespace System::Text;

	MyString = Encoding::Unicode->GetString(MyByteArray);

Then To Convert To Unicode Words

	int Count;
	UInt16 UnicodeValue;
	for (Count = 0; Count < UnicodeBytes->Length; Count += 2)
		UnicodeValue = (UInt16)UnicodeBytes[Count];
		UnicodeValue |= ((UInt16)UnicodeBytes[(Count + 1)]) << 8;
		txtOutput->Text += "&#" + UnicodeValue + ";";
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