Download the library from

Add Newtonsoft.Json.dll to your main project directory.

Right click your project > Properties > Common Properties > Framework & References > Add new reference

Select the Browse tab and select the Newtonsoft.Json.dll file

Convert Json File To Class

using namespace Newtonsoft::Json

	public ref class Json_global_channels
		public: int channel_id;
		public: String ^channel_name;
	public ref class Json_user_results					//For each sub group of json data create a new class and include it in the parent class
		public: String ^valid_request;
		public: String ^password_key;
	public ref class JsonRootObject
		public: Json_user_results ^user_results;		//Name the object to match the name in json, in this case "user_results"
		public: array<Json_global_channels^> ^global_channels;			//Use an array (or List) for repeating json data

	//UserJsonData has the json in it
	//Deserialize it:
	JsonRootObject ^MyJsonData1 = Newtonsoft::Json::JsonConvert::DeserializeObject<JsonRootObject^>(UserJsonData);


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