Detecting Form Has Got Focus

Use the ‘Activated’ event

Bring Form To Front


Does A Specific Control Have Focus?

if (txtMyTextBox->ContainsFocus)

Give an object on the form focus

	//Use the objects focus property:
	//or give the form itself focus:

Forcing a form to always be on top

Set the forms ‘Top Most’ property to true. This will keep the form above all forms including forms in other applicaitons, unless they have got focus and also have their top most property set.

Stopping Specific Form Objects From Being Selected By A User (e.g. text boxes being used as multiline labels)

Add this function

	//********** REMOVE FOCUS FROM TEXT BOXES **********
	private: System::Void ControlRemoveFocus(System::Object^  sender, System::Windows::Forms::MouseEventArgs^  e)
		 this->btnDone->Focus();		//Some object on the form that we'll give focus to instead

Then or each control you don’t want to be selecable set its MouseDown event to be ControlRemoveFocus, which looks like this in code:

	this->txtMyTextBox->MouseDown += gcnew System::Windows::Forms::MouseEventHandler(this, &frmCellSetup::ControlRemoveFocus);
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