You can assign the same event to multiple controls. When called the "object sender" portion will be a reference to whatever one of the controls was clicked.
The EventArgs portion is a way to pass extra information to the event handler. Some events use a derivative of EventArgs which contain extra information.

The function will be defined somethng like this (like any function thats auto generated for a form object):

private: System::Void MySpecialFunction_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e)

Enter the funciton name in the form objects click event property

In the function we can do this:-

	if (sender == btnMyButton)		//Was sender a specific control / object:

Or if we want to get at some property of the sender (for instance its state or its text field):

	ToolStripMenuItem ^ClickedItem = dynamic_cast<toolstripmenuitem^>(sender);
	if (ClickedItem != nullptr)
		String ^MyString = ClickedItem->Text;
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