The maximum value of a scrollbar can only be reached programmatically. The value of a scroll bar cannot reach its maximum value through user interaction at run time. The maximum value that can be reached through user interaction is equal to 1 plus the Maximum property value minus the LargeChange property value. If necessary, you can set the Maximum property to the size of the object -1 to account for the term of 1.

When you need to pass sender and e to the function (e.g. a form control event)

	frmMain_Load(this, gcnew EventArgs());

	//or this
	EventArgs ^MyArgs = gcnew EventArgs();
	frmMain_Load(this, MyArgs);

Or you could do this if you wanted to specify a different object for some reason:

	Object ^MySender = gcnew Object();
	EventArgs ^MyArgs = gcnew EventArgs();
	frmMain_Load(MySender, MyArgs);
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