General Setup

To cause the items in the CheckedListBox to be checked when you click them the first time, set the control’s CheckOnClick property to True.

Clear All Items


Clear Individual Items

	clbMyCheckedList->Items->RemoveAt(0);		//Specify index position

Add New Items

	clbMyCheckedList->BeginUpdate();		//Stop painting of the ListBox as items are added
	clbMyCheckedList->Items->Add("Entry 1", true);

How Many Items Are Checked?

	count = clbMyCheckedList->CheckedItems->Count

Is Item Checked?

	for (Count = 0; Count < clbMyCheckedList->Items->Count; Count ++)
		if (clbMyCheckedList->GetItemChecked(Count))

Getting Item String


Setting Checked State

	clbMyCheckedList->SetItemChecked(Count, true);
	clbMyCheckedList->SetItemCheckState(Count, CheckState::Indeterminate);

Select An Item

	clbMyCheckedList->SetSelected(index, true);

Causing value change on first click in a row

Set “Check on click” on

Item Value Changed

	private: System::Void clbIncludedGroups_ItemCheck(System::Object^  sender, System::Windows::Forms::ItemCheckEventArgs^  e)
		if (e->NewValue == System::Windows::Forms::CheckState::Checked)


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