Setting target version (to match the OS version running on your device)

Right click project > Properties > Application > Targeting

If you need a new version

Visual Studio > Menu > Tools > Extensions & Updates > Online

Visual Studio Can’t find device

Right click project > Properties > Debug > Start options > Remote machine > Find – your device is not found

Remote debugger running?

Check the Visual Studio Remote Debugger is be running on your device.  Use Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard > Open device portal or open a Web Browser on your PC and point it to http://<device name/IP address>:8080

  • Username: Administrator
  • Passsword: the password you set when you created the device

Debug > Debug settings > click the Start button under Start Visual Studio Remote Debugger.

Now restart the device and visual studio (just to be sure)

In debug mode?

Select “Debug” from the visual studio drop down and rebuild.

Will using the devices IP address work?

Select “Remote Device” and instead of find try just entering the devices IP address in the “Remote machine” box – will it run now?

Firewall blocking?

Is there any chance Windows firewall is blocking the connection?

Is Windows set to “Developer Mode”?

If you are writing software with Visual Studio on a computer for first time, you will need to enable Developer Mode on both the development PC, and on any devices you’ll use to test your code. Enter “for developers” into the Cortana search box in the taskbar to access the setting.

Specific Issues

DEP6953: Failed to launch remote debugger with the following error: ‘Command failed: 0x800705b4’

Was caused by Windows firewall blocking the connection from a new version of Visual Studio (having it find the remote device again caused Windows to ask to disble it and then it worked)

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