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C# FAQ for C++ programmers

Some Key Differences

Classes and structs

Classes and structs are almost the same in C++ – this is not true for C#.  In C#, structs are value types (instances stored directly on the stack, or inline within heap-based objects), whereas classes are reference types (instances stored on the heap, accessed indirectly via a reference). Also structs cannot inherit from structs or classes, though they can implement interfaces. Structs cannot have destructors. A C# struct is much more like a C struct than a C++ struct.

Memory types

Chars and strings in .NET are 16-bit (Unicode/UTF-16), not 8-bit like C++


There is no '#include' statement – use "using" instead.  See here.


There is no '#define' statement – use const instead.  See here.

Header Files (*.h)

Nope, not used in C#.  See here.

Using C++ code with C#

Where existing C++ code must be used with a new application, the existing code can be wrapped using C++/CLI to allow it to interop with C#.

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