Numeric Values

Simply use the value as is:

"WHERE SomeFieldName=4"

Text Values

Surround the value in single qutoes:

"WHERE SomeFieldName=\'This Is The Value\'"

When you need to include single quotes in the string (e.g. ‘St Mary’s’) use a doudle single quote. E.g. in VC++:

	NewString = NewString->Replace("\'", "\'\'");	//Replace all ' with '' (needed if string you are trying to save contains a quotation mark

Boolean Values

Surround the word True or False with single quotes:

"WHERE SomeFieldName=\'True\'"
"WHERE SomeFieldName=\'False\'"

To use a VC++ boolean variable just use ToString:

"...SET SomeFieldName=\'" + Convert::ToString(MyBooleanVariable) + "\' WHERE..."
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