Does String Contain String


strpos ($haystack , $needle , $offset = 0 )

Returns False on no match or first occurrence index (from 0) on match

  if (strpos($my_string, 'hello') !== False)
    echo 'true';
  $char_index = strpos( strtolower($StringToCheck),  strtolower($LookingForString));		//Using strtolower() removes case sensitivity
  if($char_index === false)
    //Not found

Does string start with

  if (strpos( strtolower($StringToCheck), strtolower($LookingForString)) === 0)     //False on no match, first occurance index on match
Alternative substring compare method
  if (substr($StringToCheck, 0, 2) === $LookingForString)

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