echo "Some Text<br />";
  echo $someVariable . "<br />";
  echo "His name is $name and his age is $age";
Abbreviated way of inserting an echo in HTML

“<?=” can be used in place of “<?php echo”

<?="<p>Hello world</p>";?>
<?=$MyVaraibleA . " " . $MyVaraibleB;?>

Is the same as:
<?php echo "<p>Hello world</p>";?>
<?php echo $MyVaraibleA . " " . $MyVaraibleB;?>

Calling a function that can return an optional string within HTML

  <?= MyFunction();?></p> 

An example that tests a submitted form entry and returns a string that is blank or has an error message:
  <p class="error" id="b-error"><?= DoSomething($_POST["some-field"]);?></p> 

Multiple Lines

echo <<<END
	Blah blah
	blah blah blah

Note the END marker must appear at the start of the line with no whitespace

Echo the contents of an array

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