This is PHP4 Code!

Get Number of Results

 	$query1 = @mysql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM some_table WHERE some_column != 1");
  $number_of_rows = @mysql_fetch_array($query1);
	$number_of_rows = $number_of_rows[0];
	echo "This many: $number_of_rows";


Results Based On An Average Score Calculation

$query1 = @mysql_query("SELECT 
		CONVERT((score / games_played), UNSIGNED INTEGER) as ave_score
	FROM tbl_universities 
	ORDER BY ave_score DESC, university_name ASC");
	//CONVERT only needed if you want the values converted from floats to integers before the sort, use "(score / games_played) as ave_score" otherwise
$count = mysql_num_rows($query1);
while ($result1 = @mysql_fetch_array($query1))    //Get each row returned
	$university_name = $result1['university_name'];
	$ave_score = intval($result1['ave_score']);		//intval needed as zero results will come in as null


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