ORDER BY Date Order

ASC = oldest first

DESC = most recent first

Note it’s “MINUTE”, “HOUR”, etc not “MINUTES” or “HOURS” etc

Convert DateTime to Date

CAST('$EventDateTime'AS DATE)

Specifying Date and DateTime from a string

It is recommended to use CAST()

CAST('$Year-$Month-01' AS DATE)
CAST('$Year-$Month-01T00:00:00' AS DATE)
CAST('$Year-$Month-01T00:00:00' AS DATETIME)

Last Day Of Month

(This produces a DATE result, not DATETIME)

//Will produce '2019-01-31'

Get SQL Server’s Current DateTime

  //Get the sqlserver current datetime
  $query = mysqli_query($dblink, "SELECT *, NOW() as datetimenow FROM tblMyTable WHERE Id = 1");
  $Result = mysqli_fetch_array($query, MYSQLI_ASSOC);
  $DateTimeNow = $Result['datetimenow'];

Same as Now() but giving just the date:


How is DateTime stored by MySQL?

From the 10.9 Date and Time Data Type Representation:

     1 bit  sign           (1= non-negative, 0= negative)
    17 bits year*13+month  (year 0-9999, month 0-12)
     5 bits day            (0-31)
     5 bits hour           (0-23)
     6 bits minute         (0-59)
     6 bits second         (0-59)
    40 bits = 5 bytes
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