<a href="https://some_domain.com">LinkText</a>

<a href="https://some_domain.com" target="_blank" >LinkText</a>

<a href="https://somedomain.com" target="_blank" title="Click to follow link to here" style="margin-right:10px">
<a href="/">link</a>
Javascript method
<a href="javascript:history.go(0)">Refresh</a>
Link to same page without URL arguments
$UrlWithoutArguments = parse_url($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], PHP_URL_PATH);
<a href="$UrlWithoutArguments">Refresh</a>


<a href="<?php parse_url($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], PHP_URL_PATH);?>">Refresh</a>
$ThisPageUrl = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];

<a href="$ThisPageUrl">Refresh</a>


<a href="<?php $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];?>">Refresh</a>

Open in new tab / window

<a href="https://somedomain.com" target="_blank" >

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