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Flexbox Containers

The new (2022-05) page layout method that replaces sections, columns and inner sections. Currently you need to turn it on as an experimental feature.

With Flexbox Containers, you can place widgets directly inside the Container, as well as nest Containers infinitely. Then, you can control the layout and distribution of widgets within the Container, and adjust your content to every screen size, resulting in greater responsiveness, without compromising on speed, and without writing a single line of code. 

When the feature is turned on, you will be able to add new Containers to a page instead of Sections, Columns, and Inner Sections. You’ll also be able to add Containers to an existing page that was previously built with the Section-Column layout. You will not be able to add new Sections or Columns to your pages. 

If you deactivate every Container you create will be removed from your website, you will be able to restore them if you reactivate the experiment and roll back to a previous revision. 

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Introducing Flexbox Containers