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Add Shockwave Flash Movie To Your Form

Rightclick in the form Tools popout menu and select ‘Choose Items’.
Select the ‘COM Components’ tab and check ‘ShockwaveFlashObject’ which should be enabled if you have flash installed.

Properties to change:
Menu False

Form Load

	AxShockwaveFlash1->Left = 0;
	AxShockwaveFlash1->Top = 0;
	AxShockwaveFlash1->Width = this->Width;
	AxShockwaveFlash1->Height = this->Height;
	AxShockwaveFlash1->Movie = Path::GetDirectoryName(Application::ExecutablePath) + "\\topman1.swf";
	AxShockwaveFlash1->FrameNum = 0;

Callback Function

Create the FSCommand event.

private: System::Void AxShockwaveFlash1_FSCommand(System::Object^  sender, AxShockwaveFlashObjects::_IShockwaveFlashEvents_FSCommandEvent^  e)
	if (e->command == "status")
		//----- STATUS -----
		if (e->args == "start")
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