Simple Example

In the .xaml file

Add this to the start with the other xmlns lines:


Add this where you want your DataGrid:

            <!-- DATA GRID -->
            <controls:DataGrid Canvas.Left="10" Canvas.Top="530" Width="780" Height="730" x:Name="DataGrid1"
                               ItemsSource="{x:Bind DataGridData1}"
                               CanUserReorderColumns="False" CanUserResizeColumns="False"
                               CanUserSortColumns="False" SelectionMode="Single" >

                    <controls:DataGridTextColumn Header="Cat" Binding="{Binding Category}" Width="300" IsReadOnly="True" ></controls:DataGridTextColumn>
                    <controls:DataGridCheckBoxColumn Header="Chk" Binding="{Binding Value2}" Width="40" IsReadOnly="True" ></controls:DataGridCheckBoxColumn>
                    <controls:DataGridTextColumn Header="Value 1" Binding="{Binding Value1}" Width="200" IsReadOnly="True" ></controls:DataGridTextColumn>
In the .cs file
	//----- CLASS FOR DATA GRID -----
	public class DataGridData
		public string Category { get; set; }
		public double Value1 { get; set; }
		public bool Value2 { get; set; }

		//----- CONSTRUCTOR -----
		public DataGridData (string Category, double Value1, bool Value2)
			this.Category = Category;
			this.Value1 = Value1;
			this.Value2 = Value2;
	public List<DataGridData> DataGridData1;

In your function:

	//----- SET DATAGRID DATA -----
	DataGridData1 = new List<DataGridData>();
	DataGridData1.Add(new DataGridData("Cat0", 1000, true));
	DataGridData1.Add(new DataGridData("Cat1", 1001, false));

	//Reload the datagrid
	DataGrid1.ItemsSource = DataGridData1;
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